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Uniting Science with Nature

Terawet’s Mission Statement

TGT’s mission is to provide eco-friendly products and systems that affect the world in a positive and beneficial way in the areas of soil and water. Two of the three cornerstones of all life.

Terawet was originally founded with the intent of providing a means of reducing world hunger. This would be achieved by increasing food production in areas of the world where insufficient capabilities to produce quality food exist.

Since the availability of water is a key factor in food production, the primary goal was to provide a system of water management, to allow for food growth in areas where water resources are limited.

At present, TGT now offers a complete line of products that promote efficient agricultural water usage, a nano technology for clean drinking water, and innovative bio solutions to increase yields of quality crops.

In 1992, John Peter Abt founded The Terawet Corporation while doing research in the field of super absorbent polymer technologies. Dr. Abt had the intent of utilizing these polymers to better manage water in agricultural systems. Three years of field trials and research culminated into the development of the proprietary TeraGel® crystal.

In 1996, due to the obvious need for increased food production in the developing world, the company embarked on marketing its products globally. In the spring of 1998, the company began its domestic marketing efforts, starting with the mid-western agricultural belt of the United States.

It became apparent that the already existing or long term plant growing market could also benefit from this water saving polymer technology. This conclusion led to the development of the liquid polymers. In 2000, providing existing plant growers with eco-friendly products that would reduce water usage, increase root development, and assist in growing healthy and abundant plants. The goal had been reached to provide eco-friendly products that perform the desired benefits for all growers, while still keeping within the framework of “Uniting Science with Nature.”

In 2008, the company would undergo another transition and embarked on the development of more bio friendly technologies that would help the world over. In 2011, Terawet Ventures, Inc. changed the corporate name to reflect there new and broader engagement, to Terawet Green Technologies (TGT).  In 2015, the new and innovative technologies being made available included microbial soil, compost & seed inoculants, a disinfecting drinking water technology, and a colloidal foliar NPK fertilizer.

The driving force behind TGT’s technologies is to leave behind a better earth than we inherited.

  • Terawet Green Technologies Inc. (TGT) is driven by the quest for knowledge and research in green technologies being performed globally.
  • TGT wishes to share this knowledge of affordable green sustainable living in hopes of eradicating world hunger and providing clean drinking water for people everywhere.
  • TGT operates worldwide, with a significant presence in many countries.
  • TGT concentrates on the two cornerstones of life: Soil & Water. 
  • TGT is now making available our sustainable “green technologies” into the fields of agriculture and clean drinking water solutions. Both contribute to better living conditions across the globe.

It’s all about the microbes!

With the use of our bio-tech solutions. TGT is paving the way for quality crops, utilizing beneficial soil microbial organisms and natural plant substances. This results in increased root mass, increased plant growth, yield increases, reduced moisture usage, drought resistance,  and reduced soil borne fungal diseases.

We live in a time when resources are becoming scarce, and climate change and food security are becoming growing concerns around the world. Our proven cutting edge bio solutions have been designed to aid farmers and growers everywhere, by reducing their production costs, all the while growing high quality crops with optimal yields.

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