PAM 25

PAM 25

Complete Sediment Removal System.

Superior Dust & Erosion Control

What is it?

PAM 25™ is an anionic or negatively charged liquid linear copolymer suspension in an aqueous solution that electro-chemically binds with soil particles and other cationic or positively charged components.


Why it works?

Polyacrylamides (PAM) are water soluble polymers that appear to have a variety of beneficial soil amendment properties, including minimization of water run-off, erosion, crusting, and stabilization of soil structure.
(Farm Chemicals Handbook 1986). Recent interest has centered on these very high molecular weight (MW) anionic PAMs. Due to this feature, they can now be effectively used in sediment removal for storm water run-off situations.


How it works?

PAM 25 is made up of negatively charged molecules of extremely high molecular weights. Since most, if not all sediments are comprised of positively charged ions, the product attracts and binds with the sediment particle and due to its weight, causes the particle to drop to the bottom.This process eliminates all sediment particles, regardless of size, from the water flow resulting in clean tail waters coming out the other end.

Anionic polymers have a high capacity to bind soils and suspended particles. In a soil application, PAM agglomerates soil particles, increasing pore space and infiltration capacity resulting in reduced runoff. These larger particle aggregates are less susceptible to raindrop and scour erosion, thus reducing the potential to mobilize sediments. In sediment control applications, these PAM polymers coagulate suspended particles, improving flocculation and increasing sedimentation rates.


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