Salt Out

What is it?

Salt Out™ is a liquefied acrylamide co-polymer with proprietary additives that displace salts in the soil. It also contains elements that will rapidly improve the color and vigor of the plant, affected by these salts.

What will it do?

Applying Salt Out™ on a programmed basis will remove salts from the root zone. Salt Out™ coats the plant roots, protecting them from the sodium uptake of irrigation water and salt deposits due to heavy fertilizer applications. In the dry season when there is an insufficient rainfall, it will prevent the upward migration of harmful salts from being deposited in the root zone. In addition, it coats the roots and prevents sodium salts from interfering in nutrient uptake.

How is it used?

  • Salt Out™ is ideal for use with irrigation practices using reclaimed and effluent water or sodium rich well and pond water.
  • Salt Out™ promotes a healthy transition from cool season to warm season grasses. Programmed use will lower the salinity level in the soil and promote rapid recovery from salt damage. Restore plant color and promote nutrient uptake, all the while improving the plants ability to withstand various stress conditions.
  • Salt Out™ should be used in areas that are affected by salts on road and walkways, due to salting during the winter months.
  • Salt Out™ should be used after salt water intrusion, due to coastal storms and to correct conditions resulting from ocean over spray.
  • Salt Out™ is an earth friendly quality product that is guaranteed to perform as stated.


Results where they count: In the plant tissue

Certified plant tissue analysis of recent research results

Control Control Treated with Salt Out™
Sodium 0.20% 0.11%
Nitrogen 3.08% 3.22%
Phosphorus 0.31% 0.29%
Potassium 1.80% 1.70%
Calcium 0.75% 0.77%
Chlorides 16,010 ppm 8900 ppm
Iron 92 ppm 116 ppm
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