Teraflo AG

A Universal Liquid Soil Polymer

Combining the performance of 6 products into 1

  • Provides immediate drought relief & heat stress control
  • Reduces water friction for rapid soil penetration
  • Dramatically increases water filtration
  • Enhances performance of all other products
  • Prevents build up of sodium salt
  • Eliminates clogging of drip lines & irrigation parts
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Results after 2 weeks of TeraFlo AG

TeraFlo® AG is an environmentally friendly polymeric formulation, providing a variety of benefits to any type of crop, plant, grass, or tree.  The viscous liquid co-polymer base, contains humectants, sulfates, and proprietary additives that have specific applications for Fine Turf, Horticulture, Landscaping, Tree Orchards, and Agriculture.


TeraFlo® AG encapsulates all water molecules thereby holding the moisture in the root zone for extended periods of time before leaching away. Thereby, the product provides for continual and abundant moisture availability to the roots.

TeraFlo® AG significantly reduces watering requirements per cycle of irrigation while maintaining adequate moisture for good plant health and growth. Due to its filtration properties, excessive moisture also flows through the soil thereby preventing environments for fungal growth. It draws moisture from the air and the surface and attaches itself to the plant roots from sources not previously available. Provides proper wetting and drainage in non-soil media as well as eliminating unusable water.


TeraFlo® AG dramatically improves the ability of water to easily penetrate the soil surface and gain access to the root zone. By encapsulating the water molecule, it significantly decreases friction allowing for easy and rapid water penetration and filtration into any soil condition; hard pan, compacted or otherwise. It quickly eliminates surface evaporation and run-off. For sports fields and golf courses, it readily extracts water from playing surfaces during heavy rains or irrigation preventing puddling allowing for a faster return to play.


TeraFlo® AG enhances the flow patterns repellency in potting mixes utilizing bark and peat. In container plants, it evenly distributes applied water throughout and prevents surface drying. It will improve plant survival during heat stress conditions and greatly enhance over-seeding, grown-in and sod installation.


TeraFlo® AG provides uniform water filtration throughout the soil profile. It eliminates water repellency in the soil and quickly relieves plant stress due to the inability of water to infiltrate to the root zone. This results in localized dry spots, turf stress especially in large open areas. The water now will flow evenly throughout the soil profile without retaining excessive moisture that causes fungi throughout the soil profile

It improves the efficiency of all applied additives (pesticides, insecticides nutrients, etc) preventing rapid leaching of these products. This increases their effectiveness and reduces over all application quantities making additive usage far more cost effective. Holding organophosphates in the soil reduces the leaching of these toxins which significantly improves their performance. The product has a special affinity to nitrogen thereby reducing nitrate leaching protecting against groundwater contamination. Also, retaining the nitrates in the root zone longer results in faster growing, greener grass and fuller, healthier plants.

  • TeraFlo® AG prevents the buildup of soluble sodium salts contained in fertilizers and water sources thereby reducing stress conditions.  Continual use will keep the root zone free of sodium salts.
  • TeraFlo® AG  increases microbial activity which aids in root cell buildup resulting in faster uptake of nutrients.
  • TeraFlo® AG  reduces soil erosion from in-furrow irrigation and significantly reduces nitrogen loss in head ditch irrigation systems.
  • TeraFlo® AG can be used as a soil sealant in agricultural applications, keeping the moisture in the soil after seeding allowing for faster germination of seeds resulting in earlier emergence of the plant.
  • TeraFlo® AG improves drip applied fumigant systems allowing for a more efficient and longer release system.
  • TeraFlo® AG provides lubrication to pump parts, valves, and other parts of pressurized water systems, preventing products in the irrigation piping from sticking to the walls, thus reducing drip and irrigation head clogging.  This reduces downtime, repair costs, and maintenance.
  • TeraFlo® AG  has no known negative effects, and is not harmful to the environment in any way.

General Application: 
4 gallons per acre; 10-12 oz per 1000 sq ft for rapid relief from drought or heat stress.  8-10 oz/1000 sq ft every 4 weeks for maintenance.  May be applied by hose end sprayer, drip irrigation, overhead and pivot sprinklers, fertigation systems and boom or tank sprayers.  For trees inject or irrigate at a rate of 3 oz per inch of root ball in planting and 6 oz per inch of tree diameter.  Tank mix at 30:1 water to product.  For drip and line systems, install initially at 250 ppm.  Then after 3 bi monthly applications, reduce to 175 ppm for rest of growing cycle..

For soil application. light watering is essential after every application then resume normal watering procedures.  Watering cycles may be reduced after plant recovery.  Do not apply directly on flowering plants as it will cause browning of the petals.  Apply at the base of the plant.

Light irrigation immediately after application is required to give product access to the root zone and to prevent crystallization.

Active Ingredients: 
Liquid acrylamide copolymer, humectants, sulfates – 50% by weight
Inert Ingredients:  50% by weight.

Precautionary Statements:  Non hazardous to humans, animals or fish.  No known environmental hazards.  No protective clothing is required, however, gloves & eye protection is recommended when handling or spraying.

Notice to Buyer:  The statements contained herein, including all descriptions of products, methods, and suggestions are provided only as general information reflecting Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. experience with its products and do not constitute any warranty, express or implied, by Terawet Green Technologies, Inc.  User assumes full responsibility for determining the appropriate application of products and for adopting such precautions against property damage or personal injury as are necessary under the circumstances.  NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, SUITABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE BY TERAWET GREEN TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

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